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About Third Coast Wealth Planning

Nestled in the heart of the Third Coast, we are your lifelong financial companions. Our story draws inspiration from the captivating landscapes of Michigan, where dynamic waters meet steadfast shores. Rooted in family values and a commitment to comprehensive financial planning, we’re dedicated to guiding you through an ever-evolving financial landscape with genuine passion and experience.

Our Origin

Our name, “Third Coast,” reflects our profound connection to America’s High 5, symbolizing our geographical roots and the innovative and refreshing approach we bring to wealth planning. With unwavering commitment to our clients financial wellbeing, each financial strategy is as distinctive as the principles that inspire us.

Our Mission

At Third Coast Wealth Planning, we embrace a distinct mission. We are your guiding compass through the intricate waters of generational wealth. Every decision we make is anchored in care and clarity. Our goal is to empower you to create a lasting legacy, driven by our unwavering commitment to your family’s financial well-being.

About Tom Shelder

Education: Grand Valley State, BA – History and Pre-Law (but Go Big Blue!)

Credentials: Certified Financial Planner

Life Outside Work: Family first, any and everything with my three children, Annabelle, Emmalene, and Lincoln. Time on the water with family and friends and an occasional trip out west to ski.

Community Involvement: Past President, Chamber of Commerce. Proud Rotary Club Member. Former President – Paddle Antrim, a local non-profit whose mission is to promote the chain of Lakes Water Trail.

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Tom Shelder CFP®

Founder – Wealth Advisor

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Embark on a financial journey where your legacy, aspirations, and dreams are mapped with precision and heart.

Discover the Third Coast difference and let’s navigate the future together.

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Every financial journey is personal, and we’re here to guide you. Whether you have queries, need professional advice, or just want to share your aspirations, connect with us.

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