Charting the Course to Your Financial Independence

Embracing the rich spirit of America’s Third Coast, we blend precision with a heart-driven approach to invite you on a journey like no other.

Who We Are

In the heart of the Third Coast, where vibrant waters meet steadfast shores, lies a wealth planning team. Founded on family values, trust, and the belief that wealth flows like a river, Third Coast Wealth Planning is your lifelong financial companion.

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What We Do

With a comprehensive view, we map out a tailored financial strategy to help you chart a long-term course that mirrors your family’s aspirations and dreams. From the beginning, our unwavering dedication is rooted in transparency, integrity, and a profound commitment to your well-being.

Financial planning

Asset management

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Who We Serve

Our approach caters to a spectrum of clients, from ambitious business visionaries to families seeking to craft lasting legacies. Through the ebbs and flows of financial decisions, we remain your trusted companions.

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Business Owners

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Read more about our commitment to holistic, transparent, and efficient wealth planning and our process.

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About Third Coast

Nestled in the heart of the Third Coast, we are your lifelong financial companions. Our story draws inspiration from the captivating landscapes of Michigan, where dynamic waters meet steadfast shores. Rooted in family values and a commitment to sustainable wealth, we’re dedicated to guiding you through an ever-evolving financial landscape with genuine passion and experience.

Why Us?

We create memorable relationships with our clients through our passion for the Third Coast region, our shared community, and the enduring values of integrity, trust, and family. Our distinct approach to portfolio management, firmly grounded in transparency and a heartfelt dedication, helps ensure that every choice we make is dedicated to safeguarding and elevating your family’s lasting legacy.

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Chart Your Course

Every financial journey is personal, and we’re here to guide you. Whether you have queries, need professional advice, or just want to share your aspirations, connect with us.

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